Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) is a unique, state of the art Personal Training Studio. With over 5,000 sq. ft. of space furnished with the best cardiovascular and strength training equipment, we are the largest, privately owned, family operated personal training studio in New England and have been open for 10 years.

With over 10 years of experience DTC specializes in designing programs tailor made for each individuals specific needs. Within those 10 years of getting clients in shape, we have developed our “3 part lifestyle equation” consisting of – strength training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition. We provide a fun, un-intimidating, motivating, friendly, family environment. We say family environment and we mean it! We have many families where all 3 generations come to the studio, grandmother, mother and daughter. Our clients range from age 8 to 82, athletes to housewives, rehabilitation to strength training.

At DTC “FIT” Happens!

Paul and Laura Dexter, Dexter Training ConceptsOwners Paul and Laura Dexter have a passion for staying in shape and changing other people’s lives for the better. Paul Dexter found his passion for changing other people’s lives over 20 years ago when he began working for Bally Total Fitness as a Personal Trainer. Paul quickly became the Fitness Director for Ballys North Providence facility. During his tenure as Fitness Director he became the only manager to ever win their coveted “Elite Performer” contest three times. The “Elite Performer” award went to the Fitness Director with the top personal training department for a given year.

During his career as a Personal Trainer and dealing with hundreds of clients, Paul developed his own unique training and nutrition philosophy. This philosophy allowed his clients to achieve their goals while making it fun, exciting, realistic, and attainable.  Paul also used himself as an example to his clients by becoming a nationally ranked natural bodybuilder. Proving to his clients that if he can achieve his goals, so can they!

spotlight paulPaul decided to leave Ballys because he felt his clients could not get the individualized, one on one attention they deserved in a “gym atmosphere”. Paul desired to have a facility that designed programs specifically to each individual, focusing on each clients unique needs. Keeping a hands on approach with the aspect of a private facility, allowing each client to maximize their time in the gym with a trainer motivating them through every minute of their workouts. Dexter Training Concepts was created.  What started off as an “original” idea, has become a welcomed “breath of fresh air”. DTC clients love the fact that they can come to the studio, meet and consult with their trainer as desired, and do cardiovascular exercise whenever they want; all without having to deal with the traditional “gym atmosphere” found everywhere else. DTC has a fun, family atmosphere, that clients love. It is motivating, not intimidating; encouraging, not competitive. DTC is a one of a kind company, embracing clients needs and changing lives for the better.




Trainer-Owner-LauraLaura Dexter  has over 10 years of experience. She is NASM certified, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Business. Laura has worked with many types of clients. She is tough enough for her male clients, but loves to work with her female clients building confidence and strength.

She focuses on a lifestyle change from the inside out. Her style is very hands on. Laura has two young children. She focuses on a balance to take care of her family and still find time for herself. She knows the difficulty of finding the time for her own workouts and finding the willpower to make the right food choices while being so busy.

Laura enjoys the challenge of finding a balance between being a mom to two young children and living a healthy lifestyle. She leads by example for her clients that they too can prioritize their health, by scheduling time to exercise and planning their eating in advance so that bad choices aren’t made.

She also has trained herself through both of her pregnancies, knowing safe and helpful exercises to do while pregnant. Staying fit while pregnant will help you feel better, help you gain a healthy weight for you and the baby, help during labor, and your recovery after.