Competitors Gallery

With over 16 years of experience DTC specializes in designing programs tailor made for individuals wanting to achieve new goals competing in body building. Using 16 years of experience and Paul’s own success story, you can see that DTC has the know-how to help you get ready for your next competition or get you started in this exciting, rewarding sport. If you want to compete and win, then train with DTC! We know how to develop winners and these stories below prove it!

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Doug Lafrance
2003 ANBC Rhode Island Natural 1st Place

Achieved 3% bodyfat
Increased lean mass by 10lbs., while dieting, in less than 1 year



Laurie Eldredge Lost  over 50 lbs.
Dramatically changing her physique.
2002 NABF Rhode Island Natural – First Place Figure
2002 “COVER” Fitness Model






William  Dumoulin
2004 ANBC NE Natural 2nd Place
2004 INBF RI Natural 2nd Place

Lost 15 lbs and 8% Bodyfat
Competed at 150 lbs. with 3% Bodyfat


Mary Hillstrom
Women’s Master Division 2nd Place
Women’s Open Division 2nd Place

Very first competition at 46 years old!



Vincent Cipriano
2008 OCB NE Natural 1st Place Teen Division
2007 OCB Cape Cod Natural 2nd Place Teen Division

18 Years Old
Achieved 2nd Place in his very first competition!



Vincent Garceau
2004 Musclemania Atlantic 1st Place
2003 ANBC Rhode Island Natural 4th Place

Gained 15lbs. of muscle in less than a year
Competed at 160lbs. and 3% bodyfat





Sarah Feeney
2005 East Coast Classic Figure Champion
Became a Success Model for a National Magazine Ad Campaign


Kristen Croft
Kristen competed in her first   Figure Competition The OCB Yankee Classic.
Placed 4th in Novice and Third in the Overall competition.





Paul Dexter
Certified Personal Trainer for over 16 years
Competitive National Bodybuilder for over 12 years
Nationally Ranked Bodybuilder for over 4 years

Most dramatic weight loss = 70lbs.
from 235lbs. – 25% bodyfat to an astounding 165lbs. – 3% bodyfat

2004   OCB Championships 4th Place
2004 ANBC New England Natural 3rd Place
2003 ANBC Nationals 4th Place
2002 ANBC New England Natural 1st Place
2002 OCB Presidential Cup 4th Place
2001 ANBC Rhode Island Natural 1st Place