Don’t Need A Trainer?…

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November 6, 2014
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November 6, 2014

Don’t Need A Trainer?…

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By Paul Dexter, Copyright 2014

Hey, I don’t mean to pick on the guy who is the leader of the free world, Fox News does that enough 🙂

By now, most of you have seen the video of President Obama getting an early morning workout in at a hotel while visiting Poland. Granted he has more on his plate than any of us, but that is no excuse for the gazillion mistakes I’ve seen in this video. Being busy is all the more reason to have a Personal Trainer – make the most out of your time! Make sure the workout is a productive one!

I know due to my career field, these mistakes probably bother me more than most. But, it is a perfect example of why every person needs a trainer.

  • Form was horrible. Never finished a rep. Did not use full extension on any movement.
  • Weight selection was way too light to serve any metabolic/ anabolic purpose.
  • Intensity was too low, didn’t struggle at all.

Goes to show that even someone who has the financial means and the intelligence (easy there republicans), doesn’t know when they need a trainer. So many things go into designing a proper productive exercise program – form, tempo, weight, intensity, exercise selection, rep ranges, frequency….. I can go on and on.

The best athletes in the world have Personal Trainers, why would a person who isn’t think they don’t need one?!

Everyone is human; mistakes are easily made in the gym. Don’t be penny wise, and dollar foolish. Time is money, and time is very rare nowadays – no one wants to waste their time in the gym. Even more importantly, you don’t want to injure yourself by doing something incorrectly which could lead to time out of the gym, work, and play.

Invest in yourself, your health, your longevity. It’s easier to stay healthy, than it is to wait until you need to get healthy.