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Kettlebells with Lisa



Pilates with Jennifer




Kickboxing with Lisa




Cardio Sculpt with Jennifer




Core with Lisa



Circuit with Lisa




Bootcamp with Lisa



Yoga with Jennifer


I started with DTC to rehab my lower back due to some slipped discs. With my goal just to be able to get in and out of my car without grimacing in pain, I never expected that I would get in the best shape of my life at 60 years old! Not only did my back pain go away, I am stronger, more flexible, and healthier than I have ever been. Paul focused on not just my weak points but my overall health and fitness level which contributed to a better quality of life. To top it off, my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are the best they’ve ever been. – Jim Pascale

At Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) we offer a free group exercise class for every first timer! We have developed our “3 part lifestyle equation” consisting of – stength training, cardiovaseular exercie and nutrition. You can get that cardiovascular exercise with our Group Exercise classes. These classes are fun, un-intimidating, motivating and friendly.

Call us to schedule a free consultation, tour the studio in person and start getting your ‘exercise’ on today!

Fitness Class Descriptions

Kettlebells: Functional, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure for an all around heart-pumping workout. With a focus on integrating breathing, movement and alignment with your ability to control balance and weight.

Pilates: With Pilates you can expect an increase in flexibility, mobility, balance and body awareness. This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop increased flexibility, muscle tone establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness.

Kickboxing: If you are looking for a butt kicking workout, cardio kickboxing is for you! In a one hour class, you’ll sizzle your bootie through punches, kicks, toning exercises and abs in a tough, total body workout.

Cardio Sculpt: Hi/lo cardio moves with strength training & light weights. Prepare to sweat!

Core: 30 minutes of intense abdominal exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

Circuit: Circuit training is the most time efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Studies show that circuit training helps women to achieve their goals and maintain them longer than other forms of exercise or diet.

Bootcamp: Take your fitness goals outside. Enjoy the inspiring company of others, the exhilaration of the fresh air, and the results-oriented workouts of this amazing opportunity. Be confident. Be strong. Push yourself. Don’t sell short. Come out the other side fitter, stronger, bolder than you started.

Yoga: A class friendly to those who are looking to recover from an intense workout. It is also an appropriate format for individuals with stress-related soft-tissue tension, arthritis, and a variety of joint injuries. A gentle flow warm-up sets the tone for stretches, basic postures, and a rejuvenating final relaxation.