Our Mission

As we strive to continue being New England’s leader in Personal Training, our mission is to provide each and every client the ultimate experience in health and fitness.

Our goal is to not only motivate, but to educate clients on the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and healthy living – improving not only day to day activities, but actual quality of life.

Any feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated. Whether it is something that you may think we are doing right, or could do better – it is appreciated. Everything from the juice bar, group-x classes, spa services, training, cleanliness, to the brand of water we provide….. we want to know.

Every one of our staff is expected to provide a superior level of professionalism and customer service. If any client receives anything less than that, please contact us directly so that we can rectify any situation.

When a trainer is hired there is a list of criteria that they are expected to follow to insure the best results possible for their clients.

  • Punctuality
  • Educating
  • Progression within program design
  • Goal setting
  • Variety – exercise, and routine
  • Proper intensity
  • Nutrition advising
  • Evaluating (weight, measurements, etc.)
  • Motivation
  • Accommodating with scheduling appointments
  • Safe, Fun, and Effective workouts
  • Providing a positive attitude
  • Overall value

If you are not receiving the value that we expect our staff to provide, please let us know through our contact information below. We would be more than happy to set up a meeting in person, if you preferred. DTC is a team. We all work together. If for any reason, you would like to switch to another trainer, please don’t feel awkward.

Excellence in customer service is our primary concern, and we are not satisfied unless we are exceeding your expectations. We follow up with all clients, please give us your honest feedback, and if there is anything else that you may need. You have our assurance that any issue discussed will be held in confidence.

We are very proud of the reputation that we have built, and will do everything we can to prevent any circumstances that could negatively affect it. Thank you for choosing us as your fitness professionals and being part of the DTC family.

Paul and Laura Dexter