Not Enough Time????

Fat vs. Muscle
March 26, 2014
March 26, 2014

Not Enough Time????



By Paul Dexter, Copyright

Don’t want to hear that anymore – even 10 minutes, can make a difference.
It’s all about Quality over Quantity!!!!

After your Personal Training Session, you tell your trainer that you don’t have time for cardio and have to run home.
But yet, you’re frustrated you are not reaching your goals. Start making a difference.
If you can’t do at least a half hour, you shouldn’t skip it all together – try HIIT (high intensity interval training).
Done right, you can burn almost as many calories as one of your regular half hour sessions (and the after burn effect is greater).

A great Interval workout is….(even if it’s just 10 minutes… but you can always do more)
1) pick an exercise of your choice.
2) pick a base pace you would be comfortable doing a normal half hour with.
3) at the 1 minute mark, bump your pace to a level that you could do for no longer than 60 seconds.
4) repeat back down to your base pace for 60 seconds, and then repeat.

If you feel as though either the base pace or your “sprint” pace is too easy or too difficult you should modify accordingly.

I guarantee you that you will feel more invigorated after those 10 minutes than a full 30!

For a continued challenge….. On your next interval workout, try to surpass your base and sprint pace!