Nutrition at Dexter Training


“Joining DTC was a great choice. Paul is very knowledgeable and  provides great motivation, without being overbearing. I actually enjoy working out now”

– Frank Mezza

Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) designs nutrition programs specifically for each individual, one diet does not fit everyone. DTC has a unique nutrition philosophy making your goals easier to achieve and more importantly maintain.

Proper macro-nutrient ratio of the correct amount of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat are the foundation of our nutrition programs. The right types of those foods combined with the correct training and exercise will be the formula for your success. We will help you take control of your blood sugar. We will figure out your metabolic rate and recommend the correct caloric intake for you. You must exert more than you insert. DTC teaches calorie awareness and moderation; makes dieting enjoyable by creating diets with foods that you enjoy; and ultimately developing a healthy lifestyle tailored to your needs.

Call us to schedule a free consultation, tour the studio in person and start getting your ‘fit’ on today!