Alittle Overweight Can Cause Heath Problems…

November 6, 2014
dont need a trainer
Don’t Need A Trainer?…
November 6, 2014

Alittle Overweight Can Cause Heath Problems…



By Paul Dexter, Copyright 2014

Did you know being as little as
10lbs. overweight
can cause over 50 different health problems!

The following are just a few…..

  • Increase your risk of diabetes 20x.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Stroke.
  • Heart Disease.
  • Cancer.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Depression.

How can losing weight help with….?

  • Diabetes – type 2 diabetics who become more physically active and change their body composition (more lean mass + less fat), are able to control their blood sugar levels which can reverse their Diabetic state, or prevent it from coming.


  • High Blood Pressure – which is linked to obesity. Having a larger body size cause your heart to pump harder to supply blood to all of your cells. Excess fat also damages your kidneys, which help regulate blood pressure.


  • Stroke – works hand in hand with blood pressure. If you are able to keep blood pressure under control, stroke risk will be less. Improving your cholesterol and blood sugar also dramatically reduces your risk for stroke, both of which decrease with fat loss.


  • Heart Disease – you are only as strong as your weakest link! High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar all contribute to heart disease. Studies have shown just losing 10 lbs. of extra fat can dramatically lower your chances of developing heart disease.


  • Cancer – Healthy eating, and physical activity are proven to lower cancer risks. The direct opposite is also true… obesity can increase your cancer risks.


  • Osteoarthritis – for every 10lbs lost you alleviate 30-50lbs of pressure off your knees, hips, and lower back. It also alleviates inflammation in the body, reducing stiffness and pain.


  • Depression – study performed in 2010, found that people who are 10lbs or more overweight have a 55% higher risk of developing depression over time compared with people within their “ideal” weight. Obviously, eating healthy and daily exercise releases hormones that create an overall “sense of well-being”, which can lead to better food choices and exercise habits that prevent depression from setting in.


As you can see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are endless. We all know that none of us are going to live forever, but why not make the best of the time we have here? All of the above “killers” are preventable, and we know how to prevent them. It isn’t always easy to live a healthy lifestyle, but the effort is certainly worth the reward!

* above results were concluded from a Harvard Medical Study of over 200,000 participants.