Motivation And Accountablity
November 6, 2014
Progress Is The Name Of The Game
November 6, 2014




By Paul Dexter, Copyright 2014

Everyone wants results, but are you really putting in the necessary work to accomplish those results? Most don’t, you have to make it a priority. It’s not easy; it’s not supposed to be. The human body is a complicated machine that tries to keep you the same. It is designed to survive, which unfortunately makes us fat – thank evolution.
Why we all should make exercise a priority in our lives, is because it helps us prevent the added pounds and all the health issues that come along with gaining weight. One of the number one reasons exercise should not be bumped for a nail appointment, or drinks after work is because consistency is needed. Exercise cannot be sporadic; it must taken seriously, like a pill that your life depended on.
Just one of the many reasons why is hormonal. When you don’t eat for several hours, the stomach secretes ghrelin, which turns on the hunger center in the brain and increases your appetite while slowing down fat use.
Studies have proven time, and time again, that men and women who exercise REGULARLY, have reduced levels of ghrelin. Which in turn, leads to less calories consumed, stronger will-power, and an increased metabolic rate – preventing weigh gain after prolonged dieting.
Maintaining consistency with your exercise program – not missing workouts, will allow you to win the battle with your body that is fighting against you. Anything worth having, is worth working for.